Cassie Valastro

Aboriginal Australia
Aboriginal, Italian, Chinese
Hobbies & Talents: 
•Skydiving •Bungee Jumping •Surfing •Skateboarding •Ballet •Tap Dancing•Jazz Dancing •Clarinet•Piano
Three Words that Best Describe You: 
Intelligent, humble & motivated.
List Previous Pageant or Modeling Experience & Titles Received: 
Pageants/Competitions: •Winner - Miss Monsoons 2013 •Winner - Who Looks Best in their Little Black Dress 2011 •Second Runner-up - RALPH Australian Swimwear Model of the Year 2014 Experience across a number of modelling fields including: •Photographic •Catwalk •Advertisments •Promotional Work has Included: •RALPH Magazine & Calendar •ZOO Magazine & Calendar •LYNX Calendar •Resident Magazine •Darwin Life Magazine •Darwin Cup Carnival Magazine •NT Fashion Week (catwalk) •Kooey Swimwear Showcase (catwalk) •Intimo Langerie Showcase (catwalk) •Melbourne Cup Day Racewear Showcase (catwalk) •Lovethylabel (photographic & catwalk) •Paspaley Pearls (photographic) •Advertisments (television & print) •Advertorials (print) •Crown Oaks Day Fashion on the Field (catwalk) •Hair Model (catwalk) •Bridal (catwalk)
Please share what charity or cause you would like to support and why: 
There are three issues within today's society that truely resonate with me: •Cancer Awareness •Domestic Violence •Suicide & Mental Health Awareness I believe everyone will be effected by trauma caused by cancer at some stage in their life. I know multiple people who have lost their battles with this life threatening illness & for that reason I am extremely passionate about this cause. I am currently conducting a campaign to raise funds & awareness for the Cancer Council where I am: 1. Encouraging people to quit smoking by sharing my life changing story as a former smoker. 2. Raising funds to bungee jump from a helicopter. Jump for a Cure is my campaign. As a victim of domestic violence myself, I want to help support this cause one day. However, in relation to this pageant I believe it would be most beneficial & relevant to support mental health &/or suicide awareness. I suffered from anxiety & depression as a teenager; I felt like I was never good enough. If I were in this influential position I would love to be a good role model & empower young women. Further I know multiple including one of my best friends & my uncle who have taken their own life. Hence mental health awareness & suicide prevention is of uttermost importance to me. Apart from empowering people, I want to educate & influence people through my life experiences.