Chelsea Lynn` Southerland

United States
Hobbies & Talents: 
Hobbies include sports, outdoors, reading, and swimming. Talents include singing, dancing, acting.
Three Words that Best Describe You: 
Outgoing. Motivated. Hard Working.
List Previous Pageant or Modeling Experience & Titles Received: 
I was in pageant's between ages 4-6 and won 1st runner up and 2nd runner up. Actively modeling for various photographers and businesses.
Please share what charity or cause you would like to support and why: 
I would like to support the DoItForHawk cause. {} The reason I would like to support this cause is because this little boy has dealt with a tremendous amount of seizures since he was three weeks old. I have personally met this boy, and he is one of the sweetest little boys I have ever met. His family deals with a lot of struggles coming up with money for the constant hospital visits, immediate home care, and necessities for his well being. It would be an honor to support little Hawk and do everything I can to help contribute to this little boy's health.