Mother's Day Message from Miss Global

Mother's Day Message from Miss Global


We at Miss Global wish you a happy Mothers Day. We hope you enjoy your day whether you are celebrating with your mother, grandmother, or a mother-like figure as well as soon to be moms or mothers yourselves!

Our first bond in life comes from within the first 9 months of life inside the womb. Others may experience it throughout their childhood such as being welcomed with an embracement of hugs after a day in school or being nurtured back to health after catching the flu. Some may experience the love and appreciation from the a caretaker which is no different than the love everyone else receives.

Here at Miss Global, we open our arms out to single mothers who have a voice for a cause and offer a platform for them to share their messages and aspirations. Among those were Miss Global Wales 2015 Rubia Bari, Miss Global China 2015 Ivy Liu, Miss Global Madagascar 2016 Credella Credle, and Miss Global Netherlands 2016 Valeriya Vergunova, as well as contestants who have become mothers after competing, such as Miss Global England 2013 2nd runner up Joanna Hill and Miss Global Australia 2013 Miss Fitness Elizabeth Rodgers. We truly are fortunate and proud to have incredible mothers like them as part of Miss Global's history. As the only international pageant to allow single mothers to compete for a pageant title and crown, we are proud to stand with this unique extension to empower women from all over the world. We will set a new standard for a wider search of qualified women to find those with the ability to be a sponsor of goodwill, a trendsetter for leadership, and an ambassador for beauty and cultural diversity. We live by our slogan "Empowering women, Embracing cultures, and Embodying the beauty within"

Mothers truly are the greatest gift from life. There will never be a way to make up for all the sacrifices and efforts they make for the sake of the children. Mother's Day is the best time to remind them how much love you have for your mom.

Happy Mothers Day

-Miss Global