Natalie Marie Slater

173 cm
140 pounds
Hobbies & Talents: 
Fashion Blogging, Modelling, Pageants- I love competing in and entering pageants & Community Service
Three Words that Best Describe You: 
Motivated, Energetic/Knowledgable & Fun.
List Previous Pageant or Modeling Experience & Titles Received: 
Miss Teen Ireland Top Model Ireland, Finalist, Contestant Miss Power Woman- 2nd Audition Process and If I get through I will be the representative for my country. I also had a modelling contract with Ireland's top modelling agency, Andrea Roche but cancelled this contract as I would like to take the time to do more freelance modelling first.
Please share what charity or cause you would like to support and why: 
There are many different charities that I would like to support and am passionate about but If I had to choose one charity to support it would be "Make a Wish Foundation". I hope to host a few fundraisers for this charity in the Summer Season as I think it is so important to help people and children suffering from terminal illness's. Life is so precious and it is unfortunate that some children only get to catch a glimpse of it. By helping this charity, I would like to think that I could help make these children's final wishes come true. I'd also love to support ActionAid which is a very important charity for helping to educate women abroad and give women better futures, ones they deserve! This Charity believes that by funding for women's education abroad, this will will in turn change everything overall. It will create better futures for the women and help solve that country's suffering economy. I agree with this belief of funding for women's education abroad because I believe that women, as well as men are entitled to better futures with equal work opportunities. It is very easy to forget too that in the modern world some women don't have all the rights that we currently hold- both politically and on an employment basis. I would promote this message to fund for women's education abroad, for a better future and better generation of women.