Natalie Marie Sophia Slater

10 stone.
Hobbies & Talents: 
Singing/Acting, Working out, and Fashion Blogging. I love reading too.
Three Words that Best Describe You: 
Fun, Social and Determined- According to my friends. !
List Previous Pageant or Modeling Experience & Titles Received: 
Miss Teen Donegal- Ireland Pageants. Top Model Ireland- Finalist in Modelling Contest. Miss Power Woman Ireland- Yet to decide on whether I'll be able to compete in this years competition. Miss British Empire- Representative chosen from a photo for Ireland. Modelling Experience- Fashion Show. Agencies. Walking in a Fashion Show For Live out Loud Charity.
Please share what charity or cause you would like to support and why: 
The cause and charity I would like to support is "the invisible girl project" for helping to end gendercide in India. I choose to support this charity because it is working consistently to try to end gendercide and rescue girls in India from this culture. Women in India are being killed simply because they are female. This is due to the Culture of "wanting to have a baby boy", and "Indian Families not wanting to pay the marriage dowry if their daughter is a female." It has led to illegal "sex selective abortions in India" where women can pre-determine the gender of their baby and decide on whether or not they want to keep it. I choose to support this Charity because I believe that this Culture in India needs to stop. The innocent lives of millions of girls are being lost. it such a common culture in India that people are told not to questions it but 50 million women are missing in India because of it. This shocks me and I think it is an issue that needs to be raised awareness for immediately. We need to give our girls a future and rescue them from these horrible outcomes, teach India and women to feel empowered and that female lives are just as valuable as Indian men. This one singular issue has also unfortunately led to other issues such as prostitution in India, a skewed male to female ration and women being forced off to marry at the early ages of 12. By breaking and raising awareness to stop the issue of gendercide in India, we could in turn break the other issues that I've mentioned above that unfortunately follow it. "The invisible girl project" is the charity I choose to support for those reasons. Give our girls and the women of India the future they deserve today.