PAGEANT PLANET: Why You Should Compete In Miss Global

PAGEANT PLANET: Why You Should Compete In Miss Global


The Miss Global Pageant is an international pageant system that focuses on empowering women, embracing cultures and embodying the inner beauty of each contestant. Miss Global is a powerful system who’s mission and goals are certainly unique from other international pageants. It comes as no surprise that the system strives to attract well-rounded and passionate contestants.

Focus of the System

Miss Global prides itself on being a system that puts a strong emphasis on both embracing culture and embodying inner beauty! Strong contenders in Miss Global should be open to learning about other cultures in addition to being proud of their own heritage and background. A strong Miss Global competitor is a woman who embraces her inner strengths and qualities and has no qualms about expressing who she truly is.

Does the System Have a National Platform?

Miss Global places a strong emphasis on community service involvement. The winner of the pageant will work heavily with various affiliate charities of the system during her reign. In addition, Miss Global will bring awareness to her personal platform/charity during her year of service.

In the past, Miss Global has worked to support charities such as Global Angels (provides clean water to third world countries), Heart Beat Vietnam (child heart transplants), and the Senhoa Foundation (combats poverty and human trafficking by providing at risk women and children with free education and small business loans to support their own families).

How the Competition is Scored

All contestants compete in the categories of National Outfit, Swimwear, Evening Gown and Onstage Question during the preliminary competition. The top 20 contestants move onto the final round of the competition.

National Outfit
Contestants are given the opportunity to model a fashion forward outfit that showcases the country they are representing.

Judges Interview
This category gives contestants an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments, mission, professionalism and goals.

Delegates are required to wear a solid two piece swimsuit with a white sarong. Judges take physical fitness, effort, healthy appearance and ultimately, personality into consideration when scoring this portion of the competition.

Evening Gown
Contestants will model an evening gown of their choosing. Contestants who succeed usually have dresses that stand out while exuding elegance on stage.

Onstage Question
The top 5 contestants are asked an onstage question focusing on ones accomplishments or goals in life. Judges score the contestants based on articulation, confidence and poise. Special consideration is made to avoid political or controversial questions.

This category is an honestly unique attribute of the Miss Global Organization. Contestants are judged on their personality, participation and inner beauty starting at pageant orientation. A panel of secret judges, along with the pageant staff, work together to choose the overall winner of this category.

What Makes the Pageant Unique

– The Miss Global Pageant is held in a different location each and every year. This makes the experience unique for each class of contestants.

– Talent is an optional event in Miss Global, which has no bearing on the overall score of contestants.

– Single moms and divorcees rejoice! One of the biggest qualities that make Miss Global unique is the fact that the pageant welcomes single mothers and divorced women. Other pageants may force divorced women into a Ms. category however, Miss Global welcomes contestants into their “Miss” division, regardless of their past life choices or situations.

– Miss Global has one of the widest age ranges in all of pageantry! The pageant proudly welcomes women between the ages of 18 and 35!
International delegates are able to share their personal stories, including their victories and defeats through scored judges’ interviews.

Tips to Help You Win

The quintessential Miss Global winner is someone who has a confident presence as well as the capacity to be compassionate to others. Miss Global will have the opportunity to travel to various countries during her reign. Miss Global must be extremely personable and able to easily adapt to different cultures.

Lastly, the Miss Global judges are looking for someone who truly embodies both inner and outer beauty. A healthy and fit appearance should be balanced with a desire to make a positive impact on the world, both during her reign and beyond.

Check out our interview with the reigning Miss Global:

Prize Package

The winner of Miss Global will receive a prize package worth over $20,000 in prizes, scholarships and travel! Miss Global 2015 will receive a crown, sash, bouquet of flowers, official photo shoot, Cao Cosmetics Campaign as well as over $20,000 worth in travel, gifts, prizes and scholarships.

The 1st-4th runner-ups will each receive a crown, bouquet of flowers, and $2,500 in gifts, prizes and scholarships. The pageant also awards several side awards the top placing women in the following categories with the following titles: Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, Miss Fitness, Miss Fashion, Miss Talent, Miss Popularity, Miss Enterprise and Miss Goodwill. The winners in each of these categories will receive a sash, bouquet of flowers and $1,000 worth in gifts, prizes and scholarships.

How to Learn More

Interested women may apply to become a delegate by logging onto and clicking “apply”. A short application, including uploading 2 head shots and 2 body shots will follow. Currently, a majority of the delegates are not required to win a preliminary competition at the local, state or national level.

Also, delegates may even represent a country outside of the one they reside in. For example, a Korean-American may choose to represent Korea, even if she has never lived in or visited the country. However, the delegate must have a tie to the country by either nationality or heritage. This gives women the unique opportunity to represent not only the country of their birth, but also for the country/culture that their family identifies with.

2015 Event

The actual pageant will take place on October 24th, 2015 at the brand new City of Dreams Resort and will be televised on the #1 television network in the Philippines!

Miss Global is an innovative pageant that embraces diversity, service, beauty and cultural competency. The pageant commends women who have a strong work ethic, desire to make a lasting impact with a positive attitude. If you think you fit this description, Miss Global may be the perfect pageant for you!