Miss Global Titleholders

Miss Global Beauty Pageant Angela Bonilla Winner Titleholder Universe World

On Sept 24th, 2016 history was made as I became the first woman from Latin America to win the coveted title of Miss Global. Having the chance to meet some incredible women from all over the world represented by so many different backgrounds, languages, ideologies, philosophies, ethnicities and cultures was an enriching experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. To have the honor to represent Ecuador, its culture, traditions and idiosyncrasy has been one of the greatest privileges of my existence.

Miss Global Beauty Pageant Jessica Peart Winner Titleholder Universe World

On October 22, 2015 I was very fortunate to have been crowned the prestigious title of Miss Global.I have met some of the most amazing and selfless people on my Miss Global journey so far. I have gained so much experience and learned many life lessons that will stay with me forever and assist me in my future. I have learned about networking, public speaking, presenting, resilience, organisation, team work, gratitude, humility and self-belief.

Miss Global Beauty Pageant Ela Mino Winner Titleholder Universe World

On December 19th 2014 I had the honor of becoming the second Canadian woman to win the Miss Global pageant. As a first-generation Canadian, I feel blessed and humbled to have won this prestigious title wearing the name of my country. I am also very proud of my Albanian heritage, where I have learned many of the values that have made me the young woman that I am today. My experiences as a Canadian-Albanian woman have made me truly grateful to be apart of an organization that celebrates diversity among women.

Miss Global Beauty Pageant Emily Kiss Winner Titleholder Universe World

As the very first Miss Global, I am honoured to have been chosen to represent an organization that is both progressive and philanthropic. I am passionate about promoting the Miss Global ideology that allows a more diverse range of women the opportunity to showcase the true beauty and essence of womanhood.